Run Wild Vancouver Society is a non-profit, volunteer-based group of trail runners dedicated to raising awareness of safe trail running by providing education and information, and raising funds for volunteer Search and Rescue teams around the Province.

With our first fundraising project, the 2016 Vancouver Trail Running Calendar, we managed to raise over $15,800 for North Shore Rescue, a non-profit, volunteer mountain search and rescue team celebrating their 50th year as a vital emergency response service. With our 2017 calendar campaign, we raised an additional $16,000 for BC Search and Rescue, and we managed to surpass that with our 2018 trail running calendar fundraising campaign.

While fundraising to support SAR is important, we believe that prevention is key! That’s why we’re excited to have worked with AdventureSmart to develop a unique version of their Survive Outside program specifically tailored to trail runners which we began to roll out the summer of 2017.

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