Call for Volunteers for 2017 Vancouver Trail Running Calendar

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Calling all volunteers – we need your help to make this year’s calendar an even bigger success than last year’s campaign!

Below is a list of the key roles we need to fill. If you’d like to help out but aren’t sure that you can commit to a leadership position, we may need help in a smaller capacity to assist one of the portfolios listed below (particularly for the launch event). Just let us know that when applying using our online form.

Project Coordinator

You’re a detail-oriented person interested in helping lead the project. As Project Coordinator, you’d be helping to keep the entire team on track, acting as the central point of contact between team members. This work would be done in spurts and virtually for the most-part, but would require an on-going commitment from the start to the very end of the campaign.

Advertising Coordinator

Sales comes naturally to you and you’re excited to leverage your existing relationships to help secure advertisers that would be a good fit for the calendar. The information will have been made clear in our advertising guidelines, and the sales process quite easy with the use of our new form, but some negotiation skills may still be required along with a little persistence to make sure artwork and payments are received in time. This work will be ongoing throughout the fall.

Communications Designer

You’re both technical and creative, able to work with the other volunteers to fulfill the occasional need for the production of PDF’s and forms for things like advertising specs and visuals for social media and other announcements throughout the campaign.

Calendar Designer

The calendar is nothing without a killer layout and design, and you’re up for the challenge of making sure it looks the best it can from proof to print. You’ll be working closely with the editor on everything from the order of the photos, the placement of ads, and how to format the dates to be included. This work begins early but culminates in the last couple of weeks of production in late fall as advertisements and race dates are finalized, and artwork is submitted for printing.

Online Sales Coordinator

Online sales were a huge success last year, so we’re considering expanding our window for online sales, including making shipments available outside of Canada. Research into a viable online platform will need to be done which can manage transactions and ideally fulfillment, along with potentially some on-going coordination for the replenishing of stock, etc. Previously experience in this area would be a huge asset.

Retail Coordinator

You’ve got relationships with local retailers and don’t might being our boots on the ground when it comes to dropping off calendars, picking up cash, and repeating as necessary. This work takes place mostly from January-April, once the calendars are ready to hit the store shelves, but commitments from retailers will need to be solidified in the fall.

Photo Editor

You’re passionate about photography and are likely a trail running photographer yourself. As our photo editor, you’ll be responsible for reaching out to our local photography community for contributions, managing submissions, and working with the editor to choose our winning 12 photos for inclusion in the calendar. This work will take place throughout the fall.

Race Date Coordinator

Someone needs to confirm next year’s race dates with all the local race directors for inclusion in our calendar, and ensure that the race calendar on our website stays current throughout the year. It may as well be you! There’s likely to be a push for this information in the week that we finalize our calendar for print, as RD’s will have just barely finalized their own schedules in time.

Social Media Coordinator

You love to tweet Facebook posts of Latergrams and don’t mind a bit of on-going work to keep up awareness of #RunWildVan on our various social media channels throughout the year, especially around major announcements and key milestones.

Public Relations

You love your job in PR so much that you just can’t wait to leverage those relationships with newspapers, magazines and other media outlets for such a great cause. On the other hand, maybe you’re just interested in learning how to write a press release and don’t mind sending out a few emails. Either way, we need you to help spread the word around key announcements and milestones.

Launch Event Coordinator

The launch party is our chance to bring everyone together to celebrate all of our hard work, while raising additional funds with out silent auction. Your organization and leadership skills will be put to the test throughout the fall in lead up to the event to take place in December, for which you may want to recruit additional help in order to manage calendar sales and other logistics on the night. Let’s see if we can’t raise the bar this year and put together an even bigger event!

Launch Event Silent Auctioneer

Our silent auction proved to be a great revenue source last year, and a chance for those attending our launch event to snag some killer deals. Interest for donations may have been generated from some of our advertisers, so you’ll need to follow-up with those, all while reaching out to others for their generous donations of products and services to be auctioned off. You’ll need to pick up all of this booty and handle the logistics of the silent auction at the event.

Launch Event MC

What’s an event without an entertaining MC! You’ll keep things moving along throughout the night while thanking sponsors and announcing silent auction winners.

Event & Promo Photographer

The launch event is a great opportunity for us to capture images for social media, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Time permitting, we’d love you to capture images of our calendars being displayed at retailers and other key moments, like the cheque hand-off at the end of the campaign.

Postage Handler

We’re not sure to what extent we’ll be conducting online sales, but there’s a chance that packaging and posting at least a few hundred calendars sometime in early December (just in time for Xmas) could be required! Grab a few friends, a few beers, and a sponge and get to work on those envelopes. Postage and supplies will be provided, along with a database for you to reference. But the most fun part will be bringing them to Canada Post – those guys love processing hundreds of envelopes, trust me 😉

Our online application form can be found at: